Update Your Family Details

Have any of your family details changed recently? Have you changed your mobile number? Moved house? Updated your email address? Has your family situation changed in any way?

If so, please let us know by completing our Family Details Update Form.  This will ensure that information about you and your child is current and correct for the safety and wellbeing of the College Community.

Family Details Update Form

Family Detail Update Forms are available from the College Office, Junior School Reception or by clicking here. Once completed please return your form to either the College Office or Junior School Reception.

Update Your Child’s Medical Details

Have any of your child’s medical details changed recently? If so, please let us know by logging on to your child’s CareMonkey profile.  This will ensure that medical information about your child is current and correct for their safety and wellbeing.


You can find information about our CareMonkey App by clicking here.