The Curriculum Heart

Mackay Christian College hold a vision of students becoming ‘all God wants them to be’. The College is a learning community committed to creating preferred futures and a foundation for life-long learning.

Mackay Christian College’s curriculum is an accurate reflection of the College’s Vision for Learning and its CLEAR core values. Based on our vision and belief, our desire is to develop students who display a love of learning and are creative, reflective, strategic, self-directed and confident, effective communicators who are becoming effective contributors for transformation in families, communities and nations of our world.

The teaching and learning program is planned with, and implements, the Australian Curriculum. providing for students a broad, rigorous and challenging learning experience. The message and advice to our students is to head into the journey of learning – Acquiring wisdom, taking hold of every opportunity and facing all aspects with courage.

Vision of a Learner

Hi, my name is Ashleigh Spencer. I am a Year 12 student. I have always loved learning! Learning at MCC has been an experience unlike any other I have had or am likely to have. Every teacher I have encounter does their absolute best to encourage me and help me to reach my goals and succeed in all of my endeavours. They have guided my learning pathway to ensure that I can flourish and become all that God wants me to be. MCC provides a great learning environment for any Senior learner.
Ashleigh Spencer, Year 12 Student
Hi, my name is Lilian O’Neill. I am a Year 8 student and I am loving my SOSE subject this year. Our learning has been about Vikings, the people and their history. I am always given help and the teachers are great in guiding me to do my research and to learn new information and skills. The learning has been interesting and it’s exciting to discover new areas of learning.
Lilian O’Neill, Year 8 Student
Hi, my name is William Borg. I am a Year 7 student and it is my second year as a Middle School learner. We have experienced many new adventures in our learning and I like that we do different learning styles every lesson. The new open learning space means we can spread out and choose where and how we want to work so we have lost the feeling of being cramped in. I like it because we have room and it’s better than being in rows. The assignments give us choices about what we do and having three teachers is better than one because we don’t have to get up or wait as long for help and lose time.
William Borg, Year 7 Student
Hi, my name is Dylan Moore. I am a Year 7 student and enjoy the learning and learning spaces of Middle School. I like that we do something different every day. We do our SOSE lessons in the library so we have an open space to do our work. The assignments allow us to make our own choices, which is so much fun when you have your own ideas about what you can do and how you can present your learning. It is great discovering how to learn in community with others.
Dylan Moore, Year 7 Student

The MCC Journey – Connections and Relationships

The learners of Mackay Christian College gain confidence, connection and independence as they progress through the Junior, Middle & Senior Schools.

Connections and relationships at Mackay Christian College are based on our vision and belief that our young people from Early Learning to Year 12 are unique, active, lifelong learners. 

Junior School

The Joy of Learning!

Here, children can experience the excitement and joys of learning as they build a strong foundation for their future years. Creativity and curiosity are fostered as inquisitive minds wonder, question, and eagerly explore new challenges.

Middle School

Journey of Discovery

Creating a unique setting for the young adolescent to begin their transition through the Middle Years. Strong pastoral care structures ensure that each child is nurtured to achieve their personal best. Student-centred learning programs empower students to be creative and innovative thinkers, risk-takers and leaders.

Senior School

No dream should be too big or too difficult to achieve

From Year 10 through to Year 12, our Senior School students are provided with learning opportunities that are experiential, deliberately challenging and innovative.

Curriculum Building Blocks – Our Faculties

The vision of our students to ‘become all God wants them to be’, is most evident in the broad range of pathways on offer to assist students to journey towards their chosen career. All students are assisted in planning their individual career and learning pathways and our staff coach each student as needed towards success.


The Academic Pathway is a focussed course of studies in Authority Subjects (OP) endorsed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and designed for the dedicated and academically minded students who aim for university placements.


The General Studies Pathway is a course of studies in Authority-Registered Subjects (Non-OP) endorsed by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and designed for students wishing to seek a more general approach to their education or are aiming for a more vocational type career, traineeship or further studies through TAFE.


Vocational Education and Training (VET) is ‘education and training for work’ and part of a broader educational network in Australia that includes schools, universities and adult & community education.

Choose Your Pathway

Our Subject Choice Booklets will help you learn everything you need to know about all of the subjects you can choose from. Visit our Subject Choice page to learn more about the opportunities available to you.