MCC Teachers care deeply for their students. We believe every student is a unique creation of a loving God who has a purpose for their lives.
Each student has gifts and talents. Some are academic, some are practical, some athletic and some creative. All are equally valued for our future as a society.

Mackay Christian College exists to foster and develop the God given potential of each member of the College community, both students and staff, to permit them the possibility of fulfilling their personal Christian destiny.

Our Mission

Mackay Christian College is a College community which consists of students, parents and staff working together to develop each child’s potential in a wide range of learning situations.

Emphasis is placed on positive, critical thinking skills and caring, respectful attitudes. We believe that the education process is a continuous one from Pre-Prep to Year 12 and beyond and we are committed to the education of the whole person – personally, socially, cognitively, and spiritually.

We believe that each member of the College community is entitled to a safe, secure, welcoming and loving environment to allow for the development of individual potential.

At Mackay Christian College we aim to provide a quality learning environment within which students will be encouraged to develop an ongoing personal revelation of Christ in their lives.

We recognise the significance of the example and witness of staff, of a curriculum framework based on Biblical Christian thinking, and of the standing of our College within our community.

High academic standards, good professional relationship, Godly discipline and high levels of home-school communication with families are all part of the College’s mission.

Our Values are CLEAR

The College’s CLEAR values of Christlikeness, Learning, Excellence, Attitude and Respect are embedded in everything we do at the College. These values form the core of who we are.

Our CLEAR values provide cohesiveness in our planning, and an easy to understand reference for staff and students in the development of College culture. Even our youngest students are able to talk about College values.

These values describe both how we conduct ourselves while members of the College, and the qualities of character that will be needed by students when they leave our College to participate in complex life roles.

C hristlikeness
To be a College where students and staff freely express their spirituality and where the policies and procedures reflect the heart and mind of Christ. (Matt 5:15, Matt 22:37, Duet 5:7-10)
L earning
E xcellence
A ttitude
R espect