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The MCC Messenger is our fortnightly newsletter for parents, students and the wider MCC community. The Messenger is one of our main forms of communication with our parents and is full of very important information. The newsletter is emailed to parents and uploaded to this page on our website every second Friday.
Like our Facebook page to stay connected with everything that is going on in our College Community. We post notices, reminders and lots of photos. We also use Facebook as our main form of communication during unpredictable weather events.

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The MCC Portal provides students and parents with information about our College and documents loaded by teachers.
Issued to all Senior School students on the first day of Term 1, the diary is not only used for homework. It lists key activities of the School, timetables, policies and procedures, our CLEAR values and contact information. The diary should also be used by students to plan assignment and study timetables and by parents as a means of communication with their student’s teachers.

If a student has misplaced their diary, a replacement will need to be purchased ASAP.

Calendars are sent home to all families at the beginning of Term 1 each year.  There is also an Event Calendar which can be accessed from the MCC Portal or from the link on this page of our website.
The MCC Basilikos (Yearbook) is published annually. It captures current, general and historic activities which take place at the College each year and includes sporting and academic records, class photos and reports. Every family receives a Basilikos via the eldest child in the family at the end of Term 4.
An ‘Information Booklet’ is sent home to every family in their child’s end of year School Report. This booklet contains current information needed for the commencement of the following year including Uniform Requirements, Policies and Procedures, a list of Events, the Stationery Needs List and Contact Information.

To view our College Prospectus click on the link below, please be patient as it may take a minute to load.

Effective school reporting provides parents, staff, students and the community with meaningful information about schools.

Our Annual Report shows a snapshot of the MCC Story. You can download a copy of our previous Annual Reports by clicking the links below.

2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
2012 Annual Report
2011 Annual Report
2010 Annual Report
2009 Annual Report
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report
2005 Annual Report

Please take a look at our Strategic Plan which is a product of our well established strategic planning process and provides a summary of the current three or four year plan.
Pre-Prep News is sent out once a month and contains information specific to our Pre-Prep families. You can get a copy from our Pre-Prep Learning Centre or you can visit the Pre-Prep page to download an online copy.
A list of current Staff members and the role they hold at MCC will be emailed to parents at the commencement of the new College year.  A hard copy can also be requested from the College Office.
Morning Notices are shared with students in Year 6 – 12 each day during House Family Group. Their House Family Teacher will read out any relevant notices including upcoming events, rehearsal times, overdue books, reminders about tutoring times and other current news that students need to know. Students should pay attention each morning so that they don’t miss out on any important information.
Occasionally notes will be given to students to bring home to their parents/guardians. Notes sent home contain very important information that you need to know so please make sure you reguarly check with your students to make sure they haven’t forgotten to pass the note along. Copies can always be requested from the Front Office or Junior School Reception staff.
In the interest of best serving our community – our students, parents and staff – MCC gathers extensive information in the normal course of business. However, each individual’s privacy is respected and the terms of use of this information is contained in our Privacy Policy.