Staying Safe & In Touch

At Mackay Christian College we take the health and safety of our students very seriously. We seek to provide the best possible care and support for our students and their families.  CareMonkey is an innovative parent controlled electronic medical form for schools and other organisations with a duty of care.

CareMonkey is simply an electronic version of the paper based forms you’re always having to complete for excursions, camps, enrolments, and other activities which involve students participating in activities outside the classroom.  It  is a resource which provides parents with an opportunity to update valuable medical information promptly and accurately while providing the College with instant access to the emergency information needed.

After registering on the CareMonkey website, users can enter data via a PC or laptop, a tablet or iPad or even a smartphone to update their child’s details.   The service allows parents to log on to a secure portal and provide and update information such as:

– emergency contacts/medical contacts
– medical checklist including asthma, allergies, seizures, diabetes
– health and ambulance insurance details
– notes and other care instructions from parents and more.

CareMonkey is a convenient and quick way to let us know what’s changed.

As a parent of a child enrolled at MCC you will receive an email invitation to join CareMonkey.  By following the instructions you can then create your own free CareMonkey account, and control all data about your child.  The CareMonkey system stores the information on your behalf and you will be able to grant (or deny) access to your data with our College. You’re also able to share this data with any other group or individual you choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the CareMonkey System Secure?
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Who else can see my child's information?
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The care profile is completed so why am I getting email reminders?
What happens when my child leaves Mackay Christian College?
How often do I need to update the information?
Can I share this information with anyone else?
What happens when there is no connection to the database?
Can I use this for other family members who are not students at MCC?
Is there a cost?



For further information about CareMonkey at Mackay Christian College please contact one of our CareMonkey Administrators:

Mrs Lisa Woodrow
Email: CareMonkey Administrator 

Mrs Carleen Dreghorn
Email: Office Supervisor 

Phone: 4963 1100