Academic Support

Mackay Christian College offers an extensive Learner Support Program for a wide range of students with different needs. Prep to Year 12 students at Mackay Christian College may have special educational needs arising from a range of disabilities, difficulties or circumstances which can have minimal to profound impact on their learning.

Various academic support programs cater for students who have been identified as requiring support. In addition, our small team of specialist staff offer some counselling support and student wellbeing services.

  • Students on Individual Education Plans, students with English as an additional or other language and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can receive assistance through the Learning Enrichment Centre.
  • Students at risk of not completing their studies
  • Student diversity in learning and skill
  • Off-site courses and work placements. Students selecting TAFE or external RTO courses as well as School-based Apprenticeships/Traineeships obtain valuable skills that lead to their learning and Career pathways in further education, apprenticeships and employment.

Learning Enrichment Centre

Mackay Christian College’s Learning Enrichment Centre supports the learning needs of students across all Year Levels mostly within the mainstream setting. The Learning Enrichment Centre works with staff, parents and other agencies to provide coordinated services for students.
The Learning Enrichment Centre is committed to providing support to students in a caring environment that reflects the values of the College. The staff and programs offer learning support and curriculum modification in consultation with the student’s subject teachers and family. These include:

  • Student Individual Education Plans which focus on meeting individual needs of students to support learning and success.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
  • Students who have English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)
  • Students below NAPLAN benchmark

In general our belief is that the whole school shares the responsibility for educating all students. Therefore students who have been identified as needing extra help receive in-class support by Aides but may attend the Learning Enrichment Centre and receive small group assistance for short or longer term needs. Teacher Aides provide this additional support under the guidance of the Head of the Learning Enrichment Centre.

Diversity in Learning

Our tailor-made approach to learners includes providing a variety of programs and activities that cater to the different abilities, knowledge and skills of each individual student.

The Head of Teaching & Learning, Heads of School and Lead Teachers of Innovation, in collaboration with classroom teachers, lead the development of strategies and programs for different stages of learning, individual students’ learning styles, environmental support, assistive technologies and modified performance standards for assessment.

Think Bright Program

All Year 7 & 8 students learning in SOSE experience learning in the open space, multiple learning zones available in the College Resource Centre (Library). There is a focus on creative and critical thinking in the Think Bright program to enrich the learning experience of students to develop their initiative, leadership, problem-solving capability and interest in rigorous learning. Think Bright program models personalised and challenging learning strategies. The teachers embrace inquiry approaches to learning and collaborate to deliver an interdisciplinary and dynamic program for students.

Focus on Learning Program

Our Year 9 students have embarked on an initiative to encourage students to take a greater responsibility for their own learning and for them to see the long term benefits. This is aimed to arm the students with new and refined skills to help them achieve personal success. The focus of this program includes time management, defining success, strategies to achieve set goals and learning about their ‘backpack of strengths and weaknesses’. The students write personal learning goals and are encouraged to reflect on these goals from time to time to ensure they remain focussed throughout the year and to keep the larger purpose of their learning in mind.

Afternoon Tutoring

The Academic fields of English and Mathematics provide a teacher led after-school tutoring program for all students from Year 6-12.

English Tutoring occurs every Thursday in the College Library.

Mathematics Tutoring occurs every Wednesday and Thursday in the College Library.

Supporting Students at Risk

Students whose balance of learning and life are in conflict can seek support from our Learning Pathways Coordinator who will work in conjunction with our Youth Support Counsellor. These services offer practical, emotional and academic guidance and can help position students for success in their learning regardless of their broader life circumstances.

Flexible Learning Pathways

Each student at Mackay Christian College is valued as a unique learner and we aim to develop the young person’s full potential in learning and life. Some students, due to circumstances require a more flexible choice of learning pathway. Each of these students has an interview and works with our Learning Pathways Coordinator who is there to support the young person’s learning and transition to further training and/or employment.

Students can undertake classes at school and/or engage in numerous off-site courses that enrich and develop the students learning and career pathways. When managed these students often not only achieve success in areas of their education but their wellbeing and social interaction is greatly improved. Students in choosing a more flexible pathway have been able to explore their individual strengths, goals and aspirations for the future.

Other Co-Curricular Activities

Mackay Christian College recognises that students develop as a whole person and their interests, talents and gifts are as essential in student success as their academic skills.

The College has Sporting, Chess, Robotic, Community Service teams and Aero, Writing, Drama and Singing Clubs which participate in competitions but more importantly build the character and interests of students. In the Academic fields students of the College participate in competitions and community events to showcase their talents, gifts and skills. Mackay Christian College’s Creative Academy is an integral part of the development of school bands and in enriching student musicianship.